Stories from Grateful Patients: Gabriel

Stories from Grateful Patients: Gabriel Mercy Medical Angels

Our 13-year old son, Gabriel, was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer last October just 3 days before his birthday. Only 200 such cases worldwide are known since 1989. Between October 2019 to February 2020, Gabriel underwent four rounds of chemotherapy. We were advised by our oncologist that he would require 2 surgeries from the world’s experts on this disease, who are at Sloan Kettering. We needed to fly from our small city in Michigan to Teterboro, NJ, for travel to Ronald McDonald House in Manhattan. His hospital, Sloan Kettering Memorial, is five blocks away.

We were fortunate to be assigned two friendly pilots who flew us directly (no stops!) in their clean, sharp plane. We had a small chest of drinks and snacks! The flight was smooth and quick (just a little turbulence before landing).

This is assistance was absolutely crucial to us financially. We don’t know what we would’ve done without Mercy Medical Angels’ volunteer pilots to come to our rescue. We are extremely grateful.

-Rem and Christopher, Gabriel’s parents

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